Coffee processing lines – Roasting plants

In addition to coffee roasting machines and grinders Probat also deliver whole roasting plants for coffee, silos, conveying equipment, cleaning equipment for green-, roasted and grounded coffee. For the complete roasting plants Probat also deliver the complete plant control.

px 120

Probat roasting machine Px 120

Probat manufactures roasting machines with an output between 4-5000 kg green coffee/h. All roasting machines are batch roasters. Coffee grinders are manufactured for different types of coffee from course ground to fine grinded espresso coffee. The coffee grinders have, depending on the model, an output of 50-5000 kg/h. The grinders can be equipped with an automatic recipe controlled gap adjustment to automatically set the right parameters in the grinder.

Probat UW-grinder

Probat UW-grinder

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